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If you want to learn how I easily added height to my kitchen cabinets, check out this post here….
Thad W. Follow @diy_pete Make sure you’re drilling straight. The most common mistake is to run the bit through the front of the cabinet frame! With the face-frame screws in place, remove the clamps and screw the cabinet to the wall. Repeat the same process for each consecutive cabinet.
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How to Replace a Sink Base Cabinet Floor In selecting the ideal kitchen cabinets for remodeling of existing kitchens or in new home construction, homeowners have averted the rising cost associated with kitchen cabinet purchase and installation with DIY kitchen cabinets. Designed for homeowner installation, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) kitchen cabinets have increased in dramatic proportion throughout the years saving thousands of dollars in purchase and installation charges. With limited construction experience and knowledge of a few basic tools, DIY kitchen cabinets can easily be installed over a weekend, depending on the complexity of design and number of cabinets involved, with the assistance of a family member or friend.
Most homeowners fall somewhere in between DIY and Pro. A novice DIY-er can take on tear out, demolition, painting and clean up. Another might have the resources (including relatives, friends and the tools) to install cabinets, but will hire a professional finish carpenter to install crown molding.
Use C-clamps to hold adjacent cabinets in place temporarily. Place a small scrap of wood between the clamp and cabinet surface to prevent scarring. Links & Resources
Lifehacks September 6, 2015 at 12:35 am | Reply Also, remove the cabinet doors from your new kitchen cabinets. You might as well make them as light as possible.
    Total Free Professional Kitchen Design Consultation More than likely as a DIY you will do a combination of the work yourself and hiring specific professionals.  This is not to say that you don’t have skills to hook up your plumbing but are you comfortable working with gas or electrical? There are many things that you can do as a non-expert to help reduce your construction & install costs. Work your circle of friends – maybe your brother-in-law is an electrician or your friend knows a plumber? These can be great resources that can help you avoid major issues and reduce costs.
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Empty the cabinets completely first. It is much easier to work inside them and remove them without loose items rattling around inside. Thank you, Peter, for your nice comments about my whole kitchen remodel. I understand why you felt the before and after pictures were so dramatic. Since painting my cabinets was the absolute last step in the whole kitchen remodel, I was unable to display a before and after of just the cabinets painted. I think we both can agree, that the single act of painting can make a world of difference in any room. 🙂
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Check the grain: Slowly run your hands across the grain of your wood. If you can feel the grain, chances are, that grain will show through the paint when you’re done, which you might not love. You can use wood filler (Chris and Lexi like Elmer’s Wood Filler & Repair) to fill in the obvious scratches, extra-deep grooves, and nail holes the same way you’d spackle a hole in a wall. If you wanted to get rid of the wood grain completely — something we did not do for this kitchen — Chris suggests multiple coats of 3M Wood Filler Bondo Putty.
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Add a finished touch to your new cabinets with trim details. Cabinet manufactures typically offer matching crown molding for the tops of the wall cabinets, as well as matching floor molding for the base units. In some cases, the new cabinets might not fill the entire void left by the old cabinets. But filler strips are usually available from the cabinet makers, which can be cut to a custom size to fill any gaps with a matching color and finish. Kitchen Cabinets 101: Basic Introduction In addition to the things you’d expect to need (paint, painter’s tape, brushes, rollers, drop cloths, etc.), Chris and Lexi have a few secret weapons they swear by. We’ve highlighted a few here and link to other suggestions in the instructions below.

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LLR18573 – Lorell SOHO 18 3-Drawer Vertical File Conversation Sets Pre-Assembled Cabinets  Little girls are going to adore this DIY play kitchen that you can make from a kitchen wall cabinet. You could also turn this into a neat little workshop for little boys. You just need one cabinet to make it, plus a few extras to make it look like a real kitchen. This is such a creative way to repurpose that kitchen cabinet and turn it into something useful and fun for the kids! I love repurpose projects for kids, especially ones that give you DIY rustic toys.
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Before beginning installation, check the sizing of all cabinets against the room’s measurements to make sure everything will fit properly.
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Concrete Repair Nanci How amazing would this little craft desk be in your den or craft room? You can make this with just a couple of base cabinets and a piece of plywood. The cabinets give you so much storage space and they don’t take up loads of space. This would be the perfect desk for kids to do their homework on, too and could easily be built into a bedroom to give each of them their own study space.
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Southwest Kitchen 01:52 RTA Reply emilyeveryday March 7, 2018 at 10:32 am Much like your flooring, there are plenty of kitchen cabinet types and materials on the market. While current design trends have changed over the years, a few of these options are still prominent in kitchens across the country.
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